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Environmental Information Management System (EIMS)

The Environmental Information Management System (EIMS) is a system for providing timely and reliable information for environmental planning and decision-making for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area (TCMA) of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), a division of the Metropolitan Council, developed the EIMS to provide access to environmental data, analysis, and documents from various sources through a single, integrated system. The Metropolitan Council is the regional planning agency serving the TCMA and providing essential services to the region.


  • Produces dynamic, "on-the-spot" reports from a data warehouse for pre-defined data topics.
  • Pulls water-quality monitoring data from thousands of sites at area lakes, rivers, streams, and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Contains more than 30 million records with data spanning more than four decades for some sites, with more being added every day.


  1. Click to the topic page (e.g. Rivers and Streams, Lakes, Climate).
  2. If you do not know whether the data you want is available for your selected site, then you should start by running the "List Parameter" or “List Sites” reports available on the topic pages. The "List Parameter" report will give you a detailed list of the variables that are available for a particular site (e.g. Bevens Creek) as well as the range of year each variable has been monitored. The "List Sites" report will give you a list of sites for a specific variable (e.g. Mercury) as well as the range of years each site has been monitored for that variable
  3. Once you have identified whether the data exist you can navigate back to the topic page to run a report to get the data. To get actual monitoring data for a specific site, choose “Monitoring Data Report with Chart” or “Multi-Parameter Crosstab Report”.
  4. The data reports should be downloaded as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and can be saved locally by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the report, selecting "Export Document As" and selecting "Excel 2007"

Looking for additional water data and information?

Did you know that there are other Minnesota state agencies that publish water information and water data? Check out the Key Water Information Catalogue.


Related maps show other environmental information such as land use, aerial photography, and more.

The dynamic reports do not interpret or summarize the data. Professional staff reports that do summarize and interpret the data are available through the EIMS Related Documents section of this web site.

EIMS lists current industrial discharge permit holders discharging into the regional wastewater system.

Contacts will allow you to find a staff person to help run the reports or provide additional information on Metropolitan Council monitoring programs.